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Education is an opportunity that brings more into our lives. Having been taught and trained by the best Dental Leaders in this Country and other Countries, Dr. Linty brings forth a lot more specialty training from the dental world, which allows her to offer more options and treatment to her patients and practice. She enjoys helping patients understand their dental health from a Whole Body Wellness perspective. Healing begins when the relationship between our teeth and body is brought to light, ‘Why’ it happened, and ‘How’ we can get to better dental health together.

Born and raised in Dubai, she graduated DDS from New York University College of Dentistry with Honors in Implants in 2004, then did a GP Residency from Dayton VA Medical Center, followed by practicing at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton for a few years. She then ventured into Private Practice, and bought Lyons Dental in 2012.

Dr. Linty did not stop there. She pursued her Continuing Education with zest and passion for learning, and is a Kois Graduate, Misch Implant Graduate, Clinical Mastery Series Graduate, Rondeau Orthodontic Graduate. She’s also trained in Airway and Sleep Dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Dentistry, Digital Smile Design, Laser Dentistry, Invisalign, 6 month Smiles Orthodontics, Botox for TMJ, Cosmetic Filler, and now practicing Biological Dentistry with her focus on whole body wellness for better dental health. Her turn to Biological Dentistry is from her concern with the whole body effects from dental materials, techniques and procedures.

She truly believes that patients are not just part of the treatment, they are part of the process. She will listen to you spending quality time and a world of patience. You will be heard and understood, and together we will be built trust, and that’s when the healing begins. Dentistry is not just treatment for teeth, gums and jaw, it is the gateway to better health and a better life.

Dr. Linty has three children, and her spouse is a Physician in Springfield. She loves spending with her family and siblings. She enjoys writing, and has a dental blog educating other Dentists. Interior Designing is her creative side that you will see at her practice. She is a Visionary with courage to put it into action. When she’s not with her family or at her practice, she’s on a flight chasing the next Dental class with her insatiable hunger to learn more, be more and bring back the next best cutting edge technology and equipment to Dayton. One thing she prides in, is that she is always available to her patients at all times because it is important to her and they are like family to her. Now that’s PRICELESS!

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Teeth are often taken for granted. We don't realize their importance and affect they have over the whole body. Often, we don't realize how much we need them until a cavity, crack or infection exists. We are instructed by our parents and dentist to brush, brush, brush - floss, floss, floss. Good dental hygiene is not an option, but a necessity. It helps prevent illnesses related to a healthy mouth. When we become adults, we often begin to slack off on proper dental hygiene. Maybe we don't floss as much, or brush as long because we become busy. We often think that going to the dentist every six months is no big deal.

For many patients, the least of their dental problems is a cavity. Broken or chipped teeth, gum disease, a lost tooth or teeth worn down and deeply stained can greatly impact not only one's smile, but also one's life. When we allow our oral health to become unimportant, even chewing or speaking can become increasingly difficult. When an individual is not able to smile, it can be embarrassing, and a lack of confidence increases from that inability to smile. When finances are tight, and one can not even get the procedure done, despair can become a fairly normal feeling. Some patients become too embarrassed to seek help or get the treatment they need from their dentist.

Lyons Dental's services are not just about preventing oral issues from happening. It is also important to learn what steps are necessary to keep that smile healthy and beautiful. Dr. Linty loves informing and educating patients on how to best care for their teeth and gums so larger dental issues are less likely to happen in the future. Accidents, dental trauma, fear and the busyness of life also lead to dental issues. Restoring and repairing a patient's health is the purpose of restorative dentistry. Dr. Linty can repair damage to the gums and teeth caused by either trauma and/or disease helping the patient to feel and function with confidence. Bringing back that beautiful and healthy smile!

We'd love to discuss your treatment options and help you regain your smile and life.

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