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Existing Patient Number: (937) 428-2288
New Patient Number: (937) 886-7183
1519 Lyons Road, Centerville, OH 45458
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Linty John-Varghese, DDS

Our Location

1519 Lyons Road
Centerville, OH 45458
Existing Patient Number: (937) 428-2288
New Patient Number: (937) 886-7183

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I see the person as a whole, wanting only the best dental care with no pain and discomfort.


I have been practicing since 2004 with yearly re-certifications and learning the latest techniques.


Creating an all natural smile is more than technique . . . it is art personified. Smiles are to last indefinitely.


To me, creating a beautiful smile is something that is not just a one-time meeting, but perpetual interaction.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Dentistry

Feel Like It's Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can't Seem to Find a Way?

Dr. Linty John-Varghese

Teeth are often taken for granted. We don't realize their importance and affect they have over the whole body. Often, we don't realize how much we need them until a cavity, crack or infection exists. We are instructed by our parents and dentist to brush, brush, brush - floss, floss, floss. Good dental hygiene is not an option, but a necessity. It helps prevent illnesses related to a healthy mouth. When we become adults, we often begin to slack off on proper dental hygiene. Maybe we don't floss as much, or brush as long because we become busy. We often think that going to the dentist every six months is no big deal.

For many patients, the least of their dental problems is a cavity. Broken or chipped teeth, gum disease, a lost tooth or teeth worn down and deeply stained can greatly impact not only one's smile, but also one's life. When we allow our oral health to become unimportant, even chewing or speaking can become increasingly difficult. When an individual is not able to smile, it can be embarrassing, and a lack of confidence increases from that inability to smile. When finances are tight, and one can not even get the procedure done, despair can become a fairly normal feeling. Some patients become too embarrassed to seek help or get the treatment they need from their dentist.

Lyons Dental's services are not just about preventing oral issues from happening. It is also important to learn what steps are necessary to keep that smile healthy and beautiful. Dr. John-Varghese loves informing and educating patients on how to best care for their teeth and gums so larger dental issues are less likely to happen in the future. Accidents, dental trauma, fear and the busyness of life also lead to dental issues. Restoring and repairing a patient's health is the purpose of restorative dentistry. Dr. John-Varghese can repair damage to the gums and teeth caused by either trauma and/or disease helping the patient to feel and function with confidence. Bringing back that beautiful and healthy smile!

We'd love to discuss your treatment options and help you regain your smile and life.

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