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KöR Teeth Whitening in Centerville

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The KöR Whitening System - a unique way to a whiter smile

Luxurious smiles are what we are all about at Lyons Dental, and we know that the best way to help you achieve your best smile is to provide the latest in dental technology. When it comes to the best in brightening and whitening your smile, you want the KöR Whitening System.

The KöR system is one of the most reliable and effective whitening system available. Previously, some undesirable smiles were deemed unchangeable, unable to be whitened by a traditional whitening treatment. The KöR system has changed all of that and made beautiful, whiter smiles available to even more of our patients! The KöR Whitening System is the only recognized whitening system that whitens tetracycline-stained dark teeth in a short time with little to no sensitivity during the whitening process.

Lyons Dental | Invisalign reg , Veneers  amp  Laminates and Botox reg

The KöR Difference

KöR whitening stands apart from traditional whitening in a variety of ways including:

  • Reduced risk for sensitivity: Advance formulation and continuous refrigeration of the whitening gels allow most patients to experience little to no sensitivity during the whitening process.
  • Precision fit for precise results: KöR-Seal trays used for at-home whitening are made of thin, transparent, flexible vinyl custom-fabricated to fit your teeth. The design of the tray makes refreshing your smile comfortable enough to do in your sleep!
  • Close contact for improved results: KöR-seals trays keep the bleaching gel in close contact with your teeth. The custom fit allows for a tight seal at the gum line that keeps the gel from being diluted or washed away by saliva.
  • Ageless results: The KöR Whitening System knows no age, only results. KöR Whitening is perfect for patients of all ages, from teenagers to baby boomers!
Lyons Dental | Invisalign reg , Veneers  amp  Laminates and Botox reg

Embrace the power of Oxygen!

KöR Whitening works by restoring your teeth’s natural ability to absorb oxygen. Once your teeth can properly absorb oxygen, they practically whiten themselves! The oxygen in the KöR whitening gel is absorbed deeply into your teeth, dissolving stain-causing molecules. The KöR whitening system is safe, effective, and convenient, with thousands of patients have enjoyed brighter, whiter smiles without harming teeth or gums.

Whether you are ready to get rid of the dark stains that make you too embarrassed to smile or are just ready for a whiter smile, KöR Whitening System is the right choice for the best in whitening science. A better smile awaits! Call Lyons Dental today to schedule your free KöR Whitening System consultation.

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