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New Patients

What is your first visit like?

So often, people feel pretty nervous when thinking about going to the dentist. We want you to relax when coming to Lyons. Our dental team specializes in making you comfortable and pain free dental care. We are focused on your well-being, both physically and mentally. Compassion is what we live and breathe.

Set your appointment with the front office

Getting hold of our friendly receptionists is the first step in setting your appointment to see Dr. Linty. Give us a call at 937-428-2288 and we will be happy to help you establish an appointment that is best suited to your daily scheduling needs.

Arrive a little early to fill out forms or do it online

We have our forms both in the office, where you can arrive a little early, or online to fill at your convenience. Please let us know which way is best for you.

Patient Forms

Below are our patient forms that you will need to complete prior to your first visit.

Meet and Greet, Prepare and Relax with beverages and snacks

We want you totally relaxed for your scheduled appointment. It is easy to become nervous or ‘worked up’. Therefore we have complimentary beverages and snacks for your enjoyment. Talk with those around you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Get your check-up with one of our professional staff

Our team of professionals each have a different function within the office, and each one is of the highest quality in technique and friendliness. Come in and get your check-up with our dedicated and friendly team.

Determine your path to a great smile with Dr. Linty

When it comes time for you to meet with Dr. Linty, you can make a good determination of where you want to be with your beautiful smile.

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