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Our Favorite Places to Eat & Sip in Centerville, OH

  • Centerville Double Days

    We are giving a big shout out to Centerville Double Days! They have a massive menu and delicious food. They’re well known for their monster pizza but there is definitely something there to satisfy every craving.

  • Meadowlarks

    We think Meadowlarks is the best place to go if you want food made specially for the American palate. They make their food from scratch to give you the best flavors possible and they have an amazing bar to wash everything down.

  • Bonefish

    We love Bonefish because we can go there for brunch, lunch, dinner or just to have a drink. They’re our go-to for delicious seafood. They even offer catering! If you’re a seafood fan or love eggs for brunch, check them out, you won’t regret it.

  • Paragon Club

    We couldn’t talk about eateries without talking about Paragon Club who has served this great city since 1978. They have comfort foods like steaks and sandwiches. They also offer amazing appetizers. Paragon Club is on a mission to satisfy your sweet tooth with their scrumptious desserts. You won’t be disappointed.

  • J. Alexanders (or Redland Grill)

    If you’re looking for a fancy place to dine or have an intimate dinner, get your heels or best suit and head to J. Alexander. Redland Grills, right here in Centerville, is a part of this wonderful restaurant chain. With great quality food and friendly and warm staff, you’ll enjoy going there. Trust us!

  • Oakwood Pine Club

    If you’re craving steak then you have to check out ‘Dayton's favorite steakhouse since 1947’. They put so much attention into their steaks so they can deliver to you an outstanding dish. They’re also known for their atmosphere and wonderful staff!

  • Oakwood Club

    Oakwood Club is known for its food and staff because their main focus is to make their customers happy. They have an assortment of wine and dishes for a superior dining experience. They also offer homemade soups and breads. You can’t go wrong coming here.

  • Kettering Mama Disalvos

    Whenever you don’t feel like cooking and you’re craving classic Italian food, we recommend Kettering Mama Disalvos. They sell our favorite foods like pizza and pasta. You can stop by to enjoy their delicious meals in a relaxed atmosphere with your favorite glass of wine in your hand.

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